Thank You … To All the Veterans!

I’ve been thinking all weekend about the veterans and the sacrifices that they make. I think as a society it is easy to take how we all live on a daily basis for granted. Then suddenly we are jolted out of that bliss when you feel the sadness of someone that you know getting deployed, the joy of a deployed soldier coming home or the horror of consoling the family of a lost soldier.

Recently I have experienced a couple situations that hit home about the importance of the sacrifice that veterans give every day of every year. My buddy who serves in the Air Force just recently got married and it highlighted the sacrifices of living very far from both his wife and his family, not by choice, but because of his service. We had a new neighbor move onto our street last year in the fall of 2011 and I met the husband/father of the family just last week. This was due to him being deployed to Afghanistan for a year and leaving his wife with a house in disarray that needed updated, she was here with two children to head up the remodeling effort and run the family in his absence. These may seem small in words on a page but take enormous tolls on our soldiers and their families that they leave behind and must be recognized.

Luckily I have not personally had to experience the horror aspect that we all know is an unfortunate truth. That being said, every serviceman and woman has to face that chance from the day they sign on the dotted line until the day they are discharged, some for the remainder of their life. This article is the least that I can do to say THANK YOU to all of you that serve today, have served in the past and will serve in the future. You have all given much more to our country than any of us can imagine and there is no way we can ever repay you the way you deserve. I want you to know that I will do all I can to ensure we as Americans DO all we can to say thank you every day of our lives.

Thank you again!