Lewis Center, Ohio Real Estate Home Sales Statistics

September 2011 – Lewis Center Homes and Condos for Sale/Sold

The Lewis Center Area has seen an up and down roller coaster with regards to sales and inventory this year a little bit more than we see in normal years. Both the homes and condos for sale in Lewis Center, OH as well as the homes and condos sold/pending has been up and down month over month and not as consistent as other areas. That being said you still see the bump in pending sales between March and July as you see across the Columbus, OH Metro area in 2011.

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The trends of Lewis Center, OH Real Estate are similar to that of the overall market of Columbus, OH. You see that the trends in the Lewis Center market mirror that of the overall market. This is most notable with the large increase in the pendings during the last month of the tax credit (April 2010) and a significant rise of home sales in the months of May and June following that increase in pendings from April. This graph also clearly supports the idea that we didn’t really increase sales much over last year with the tax credit but simply “sold ahead” a couple of months. Once August numbers come out it should give us a clearer picture of how many months we sold ahead and if we are back into a normal market. The one thing that we do see is that the inventory in Lewis Center is the highest it has been in the last 15 months which is a sign that the sellers feel this is a better time to sell, it remains to be seen whether the currently low rates are going to be enough to get many buyers “off the fence” to offset the rise in inventories before the slower winter season kicks in.